Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Diary...

The other day when I was at my Mom's house, the home I grew up in, I realized all of my old journals were still just sitting in a box. They've been there since I moved out last April. I decided I wanted to take them home with me...

I found my diary entries from when Corey and I first started dating, and now that we're engaged, reading them made me experience a profound rush of emotions. I laughed at parts and cried, too. They were really happy tears. I am so glad I wrote down all those tiny details so I can read them now and relive our courtship.

When I was done reading, I let Corey read. He, too, laughed and got teared up. Who would've thought when I was writing those little entries more than two years ago that I'd be sitting here today with the same person getting ready to marry him in less than 7 months? It makes me so giddy and SO HAPPY. You know he's The One if you let him read your journal :)


  1. That's such a sweet story. How much I've changed from the girl writing in a journal at 13...

    All the best to you and your fiance!

  2. Best read I've had in a long time!!