Monday, February 22, 2010

Wedding Shoes

I can't get over Chelsea Petaja's gorgeous yellow wedding shoes. She wanted wedges so she wouldn't aerate the lawn with her heels, which is exactly the same dilemma I'm in... I love, love, love her shoes but unfortunately for me her sister found them for her at TJ Maxx (for $14.99!!!) and they're no longer available. Boo. I would love these or something very similar in coral... If anyone can point me in the right direction...

P.S. Love her hubby's striped socks. So fun!
{Photos by Jose Villa}


  1. i know! i love those shoes too. these are kinda similar by the seychelles shoe company:

    but they're not wedges.

    i also love these!

    i'm wearing flats, but i envy you that you can wear heels. i'm a wimp!

  2. they are so perfect! good luck!

  3. I adore those shoes! Hope you find some you love just as much!

  4. Those shoes are so cute!Y Yellow is such a happy color :)

  5. Those are so pretty! What a fun pop of colour with a white wedding dress :)

  6. omg i LOVE those yellow shoes with the flower! i want go to find them right now so i can buy them hehe!