Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Weekend!

{Photo from our Angel's Rest hike last Spring}
This week was a funny one. Every day felt like Friday… except today! I don’t know how that works, but either way I’m super excited for the sunny weekend ahead. Corey and I are planning on going on our first hike of the season on Sunday, getting massages tomorrow and hosting an Oscar party Sunday evening! Busy, but lots of fun ahead! Hope you all have fun things planned and you’re enjoying sunshine wherever you are!


  1. just relax for me as i've had such a busy week!
    enjoy your weekend dear!


  2. That is sad...I completely forgot about the Oscar's. Oh Finals...what have you done to me?

    Happy, Happy Weekend, my love!! :)

  3. Sounds like fun! Can't wait for the Oscars tmrw :)