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22 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

Genetics influence aging. Some people have a greater tendency to wrinkles and lines of expression, others to blemishes or sagging. However, dermatologist Tatiana Gabbi points out that external factors – such as deficiency in vitamins and minerals, exposure to the sun and pollution – are determinant for the appearance of the skin. “Over the years, the skin loses luminosity and elasticity, and because it is no longer able to retain water efficiently, it becomes dry and dry,” he explains. See the tips of the specialist to minimize the impacts of time: Use sunscreen on the face daily

The day-to-day sun ages the skin of the face, leads to the formation of blemishes and contributes to the appearance of skin cancer. So apply sunscreen every day in the morning. The amount should be equivalent to five penguins evenly distributed on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. There is no need for reapplication as long as you use sunscreen with factor 30 or higher and spend the day indoors.

22 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

Enjoy the products with multiple functions

There are several sunscreens that also offer other benefits such as antioxidants, base coverage, anti-dust molecules, powder presentation in BB or CC cream. The powder presentation is interesting for those who are exposed to the sun throughout the day: with it there is no need to reapply the makeup, as it is possible to touch up the filter with a sponge.

Take Care of the Skin’s Natural Barrier

Healthy skin has a natural skin barrier made up of keratin and the oils and fats made from the sebaceous glands. For sensitive skin, the recommendation is warm or cold bath and the use of cleansing lotions, avoiding the soaps that make foam.

Do not use bushings

Too hot bath, the use of soaps and bushings (or all of this together) can cause disorganization of this skin protection. The bushing physically removes the fat barrier from the skin and can contribute to micro-injuries in people with very dry or sensitive skin.

Hydrate body skin always after bathing

The moisturizer is a great ally to keep skin soft, luminous and free from injury. The hot bath and the soap eliminate the natural fat, causing the skin to lose water. Applying the moisturizer right after bath, with the skin still wet, is a great option.

Avoid excess sweets and pasta

Digestion of some foods can lead to processes that are linked to aging skin. A food rich in sweets and pasta can contribute to the hardening of collagen and elastin, leading to loss of elasticity and sagging skin.

Enjoy the benefits of fruits

Fruits have a balance between soluble fiber and sugar, which prevents the excessive production of insulin, which is triggered by glucose peaks that are related to glycation, a process that, along with oxidation, promotes skin aging.

Fight Free Radicals

Oxidation or “rusting” of the skin occurs as the oxygen we breathe produces free radicals. Foods rich in carotenes, vitamins E and C and zinc – such as dark green vegetables, colorful fruits and vegetables – are antioxidants and help prevent this process.

Antioxidants for oral use can help a lot

From the age of 25, antioxidant-rich food supplements can be good allies. Consult a dermatologist.

Take care of the beauty of the skin from the inside out

The “in and out” strategy is increasingly successfully adopted for cosmetic treatments. The most commonly prescribed supplements are antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E and trace elements, such as zinc and silicon.

Do not smoke

The aging of the skin is accentuated by the use of cigarettes and becomes even more intense when the smoker is exposed to the sun. Even in young people, cigarettes worsen the appearance of the skin.

Stay Close to Your Ideal Weight

People who are overweight or very underweight may have the aging process exacerbated. The subcutaneous tissue is formed by fat and it is the one that gives support and sustentation to our skin.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

If you are looking for the benefits of resveratrol – an antioxidant in the bark and grape seed – grape juice is a better choice than wine, since it has a large amount of alcohol, which leads to a higher production of free radicals.

Know what your skin type

Using the wrong product can lead to contrary results. For example, by moisturizing oily skin with products intended for dry skin, it can aggravate the condition, causing acne to develop.

Practice physical activity

The practice of exercises is essential to prolong the health, firmness and good appearance of the skin. Physical activity stimulates the blood circulation, favoring the arrival of nutrients like oxygen to all the cells of our body. But there is evidence that too much exercise can contribute to the emergence of free radicals, so it is very important to invest in antioxidants.

Drink Water Regularly

Water is needed for all the reactions of our body and is also critical in the regeneration of tissues and maintaining the health of our skin. The recommendation is eight glasses a day.

Never sleep with makeup

Makeup clogs the pores and increases the chance of blackheads and pimples as well as allergies. It is during the night, too, that the skin absorbs the nutrients better. Therefore it is essential to remove the makeup so that the skin, clean, can absorb the products recommended by your dermatologist.

Respect the time and frequency of use of the products

If the recommendation of application of the moisturizer is daily, it is no use to want to use them every two or three days. The results will not be achieved as you would like.

Know the benefits of acids

Acids can help lighten blemishes, improve acne, contribute to the fight against aging skin and even for the treatment of stretch marks. It is important to seek a dermatologist before you start using it. The acid can not be applied in the corners of the mouth, nose and eyes, as it can have a greater penetration in places where the skin is thin and delicate and cause irritations and dermatitis.

After leaving the bath, wait at least 30 minutes to apply the acid to the skin, because before that, the absorption of the product will be increased and consequently the irritation as well. Keep the skin moisturized, since one of the main side effects of the use of acids is dryness.

Be careful with homemade masks

Non-industrialized exfoliating particles can damage the skin because they are sharp. In specific products, the particles are rounded to avoid this kind of problem. In addition, homemade masks made from fruits, seeds and grains can cause allergies or irritations and even stain the skin.

Make Skin Cleansing When Needed

Skin cleansing is a procedure done in the office by a qualified professional and can be a key element in the treatment of acne.

Rest and Control Your Stress

Dark circles can appear when we do not sleep well or are very stressed. They can also appear over the years as a result of aging skin. The tip is to sleep better and rest, and if they persist, seek the dermatologist to start a more specific treatment.

Start taking care of the skin today

It’s always time to start taking care of your skin health. In general, up to 20-25 years, the fundamental concern should be hydration and sun protection. From the age of 25, in addition, you can start fighting free radicals and aging with supplements, acids and topical and oral antioxidants.

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