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25 Cute Nail Art Design Ideas for College

25 Cute Nail Art Design Ideas for College: After a long holiday, college students will face a new school year with mixed emotions. Excited to meet their friends and hang out together, but get dizziness to imagine the homework and school projects. But girls, don’t be so low, we can brighten up your college life. Having a cute nail art design together with your besties is definitely an exciting idea!

Whether you guys decided to go to studio nail art or do a DIY together, you always need to find the perfect designs for you. Should it be pastel color with polka dots accents? Or a cute chalkboard design? Ahead, you can find cute nail art designs that get you in the mood to learn at school!

The Math Study Design
Cute Blackboard Nail Design
Doughnut Nail Art Design
The Perfect Lunch Pack
The Yellow Bee Design
Comic Literary Nail Art
The Cornel University Theme
The Starry Pink Design
Pretty Fresh Pineapple Design
The Cute Rainbow Design
The Cute Yellow Minions
The Butterfly Neck Tie
The Cute Comic Strip
The New York Liberty
The Orange Little Fox
Sparkly Pink and Black
Love is in the Air
The Music Class Theme
I am the Jock Girl
Adorable Moana Design
Colorful Block Abstract Design
Cute Color Pop Ideas
The School Lyfe Design
The Talented Artist Hand
Baby Blue Ice Cream

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