3 Profit Giving Cryptocurrencies of This Year

If you are interested to invest your money in cryptocurrencies in year 2018, then you have to read the whole content for best results.

3 Profit Giving Cryptocurrencies

3 best cryptocurrencies of 2018:

All the virtual currencies are gaining so must interest from investors. Million of people have invested in digital currencies for profit purpose. The immediate increase in the price of bitcoin has also resulted from millions dollar investment. The 2017 was the year of bitcoin. Now people are looking for other currencies to make huge amount of money. In this article, you will see other virtual currencies on which you can invest to earn million dollars.

There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies that are running in international market. Some of them are still unknown to people because of low market capitalization. You have to select one or two best crypto currencies in 2018 to make your profit zone bigger from others. For this purpose, you have to read this article for gaining the best results. Some of the best crypto currencies that will gain the eyes of investors in 2018 are discussed here. If you want to learn more, then this website here is always available for your help.


It has the market capitalization of more than $128 billion. No doubt, it is one of the powerful source of money from recent 3 years and still counting. Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of this currency. Although many of the people believe that he is not the single person behind bitcoin. This currency results from a group of IT specialist and banking experts.

It came to market in 2009. In the initial time, it was very worthless. You have to give 1000 bitcoins to eat a single pizza. But now, one bitcoin is nearly equal to $15000. Yes! Its true. Due to such price factor, you have to invest your money in this currency, if you want fruitful results.

Many people are thinking that the bubble of bitcoin is about to burst. But its not right. Millions dollar investment of bitcoin are there in the market. Apart from this, the investors are busy in buying and selling bitcoins whenever they see their profit.


Ethereum is another best crypto currency to invest to your money in international market. You have to buy Ethereum in the year 2018 to become rich. It is rightly said by the crypto currency experts that the price of Ethereum will surely reach the skier limits in 2018. It has more than $32 billion market capitalization. One Ethereum is nearly equal to $366. You have to invest in this currency because it is the strong contender of bitcoin.

Bitcoin cash:

Bitcoin cash is also from the family of bitcoin. It has the worth of more than $1300. The market capitalization of bitcoin cash is standing at the place of $21.9 billion. The rise of bitcoin cash was resulted from the failed exposure of bitcoin in November 2017. You have the great chance to invest your money in this currency as it is from the family of bitcoin.


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