5 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Cruise

For everything to go well, you have to be prepared before boarding, so we choose these tips for you. For more tips you can also join many Cruise Forums available on the internet.

One of the best ways to get to know the world is to take a cruise. Quality hotel service, the magic of life on the high seas, and the bonus of waking up every day in a new destination. You almost want to ask if there is a long way to go!

5 Tips to Make a Dream Cruise

5 Essential Tips for Those Who Want to Cruise

How to choose an ideal cruise?

Before making a cruise it is very important to inquire about the same. First, you must choose the route, be aware and realize if the cruise of your dreams will stop at the ports you want to meet. It is also important to know the duration of the trip and the connections you will have to make before and after the cruise. Many times the price of the cruise does not include the price of the trip to the port of departure and return, and you must purchase separate plane tickets.

It is also important to pay attention to the accommodation because the difference between the prices in the rooms does not only reflect the differences in the quality of the room or the services provided, but also the location of the room inside the ship.

What to Take?

First of all, clothes appropriate to the destination and the season of the year in which you travel. As a rule, when it comes to summer, you should choose fresh clothes, bathing suits, but do not forget that, evenings on the high seas can be cold. It is also important to take more careful clothing for lunches and dinners, and gala dress for formal dinners and more exclusive events very common on cruises and requiring a dress code. An evening dress for the ladies and a jacket, shirt, and tie for men should always be on the list.


Before you board, keep a change of clothes and bathing suit in your carry-on so that you can enjoy the swimming pools or sunbathing, even if your suitcase arrives later in your room. Very important is not forgetting identification, as well as medication if need be and sunscreen, always essential for anyone who walks on the high seas.

What is not allowed to take on the cruise?

Before taking a cruise it is important to inquire about objects that will not be accepted on board. Each ship provides documentation on what it can and can not embark on and should consult before leaving, so as not to be without something at the time of shipment. If you want to board a pet, you should inform yourself in advance, as most ships are not allowed to do so.

How is the shipping processed?

Just like check-in at airports, it’s important to arrive in advance on a cruise. Normally, check-in opens four hours before the boat departs. Try not to be late and try to board your suitcase first, then yes, check in and board, settling in the room you were assigned to.

How to manage expenses on board?

When you go on a cruise, the big chunk of the expense goes to the cost of the cruise, but the bill does not stop there. On many trips drinks are not included, be careful and confirm well if it has all included or not.

Expenses in the stores are also not included, as are some games and certainly the casino. Shows are not normally paid, but in some cases, you need to book a ticket because the parking space is small. In the ports will always have additional expenses. Even if the cruise is already included in the transfer from the port to the center of the city, or even some tourist itinerary, it is natural that you want to explore the city by yourself, having to pay for taxi, meals, and drinks. Excursions are also usually paid separately. On the other hand, if you need to change currency, let us know before you leave so you do not lose much money with the change.

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