A Guide for the New Sellers at Amazon

It is not a secret that everyday billions of customers visit the online marketplace of Amazon. The small as well as medium businesses which are struggling a lot to improve the traffic to their business websites can bring a quick increase in their sales by way of listing their products on Amazon. For expansion of customer base as well as quick improvement of business Amazon offers the best solution. Even the small businesses can achieve phenomenal growth by making use of the various tools provided by Amazon for sales promotion, business administration, supply and distribution and back-end selling. The promoters of small businesses who are desirous of making use of the Amazon platform need not feel that since they are quite new at Amazon, they may find it difficult to get along with this huge and highly competitive marketplace. The new sellers at Amazon will find the following tips quite useful.

A Guide for the New Sellers at Amazon

Your initial tasks

No seller on Amazon can take it for granted that the business process at Amazon will be easy for him or difficult for him. It all depends on various factors. Those who have the real ambition to become a successful seller at Amazon should first of all follow the following 4 steps:

Select your category

There are two different selling categories at Amazon – the Individual Seller and the Professional Seller. Those who manage a very small business and want to sell less than 40 items in a month can opt for the individual seller category. For that the seller may have to pay a small fee.

Small and medium businesses that want to sell more than 40 items in a month come under the Professional Seller category. For this category the service charges will be more.

Create your Amazon Account

As the next step the new seller has to create his Seller Account at Amazon. For creating the account the seller should provide the following details:

Business Name and address

Contact details

Details of the place from where goods will be shipped

Bank account details of the seller

Shipping options of the seller

Complete your seller Profile

After creating the account the seller can complete his seller profile. Through the seller profile the customers will come to know about the seller’s company and also they will go through the reviews, shipping policy and return policy of the company. There are three sections on the Seller Profile – “About Seller”, Seller Logo and Return & Refund Policy. The seller has to complete all these sections.

Once the Seller Profile is complete the seller can start with the process of listing his products on Amazon and selling them to customers.

The actual selling process

The selling process at Amazon comprises of 4 steps – List, Sell, Ship and Receive Payment

The seller can Add his products to the marketplace of Amazon, one product at a time. The products will fall under any one of the two categories – products already listed on Amazon and new products for which the seller may be the first one to offer or the seller for that product.

Once the products list is uploaded they go on live on the marketplace.

Once the customer places an order, Amazon will ask the seller to arrange shipping of the goods. The seller has to ship the goods and send confirmation to the customer.


Every 14 days Amazon will credit the amount to the seller’s account after deducting their service charges and fees.

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