Amazon – the best global marketplace

The products that you are offering from your small business enterprise are of great demand the world over. There are thousands of buyers globally who are ready to buy from you. But so far, you haven’t made any effort to explore the global market. Unless and until you become aware of an existing market you cannot sell your products there. There is ample scope for exporting your products to other countries but, you have not tapped the international market so far. This is the right time for you to think about expanding your business beyond the frontiers of your country or probably continent. Now, Amazon provides you an excellent global marketing platform. Amazon could simplify international business. Amazon has 11 global marketplaces, 109 fulfillment centers at different parts of the world and millions of customers from about 180 different countries. Amazon enables the sellers to ship their products to different destinations the world over and the sellers who do not want to manage the shipping of the goods can opt for the FBA service offered by Amazon. Amazon assures quick and prompt execution of all international orders under the FBA service. The sellers can gather information regarding tax and various regulations that prevail in various countries. The Amazon Global Selling portal is of great help to the sellers in this task.

Amazon - the best global marketplace

Facilitates business at global level

The brand recognition and the logistical advantages provided by the Global Amazon Marketplace are of immense advantage to the sellers who want to expand their business across the globe. It is a known fact that by way of selling the products through Amazon and shipping the products by Amazon, the seller is compromising with a substantial amount out of his net profit since Amazon collects fees and service charges for the various business related services provided by them. But after considering the steady increase of business for the sellers after they became Amazon sellers one will realize that his decision to sell the products on Amazon market place was the wisest decision and moreover the decision will enable the business to spread its wings all over the world. Amazon facilitates the expansion of the business of the seller beyond his ecommerce store and those who sell on Amazon are in fact doing business globally. The main benefit to the sellers at the Amazon marketplace is that they get the maximum exposure to their products at global level and in turn the Amazon marketplace gets their product range expanded further with no additional inventory. Hence for Amazon as well as the seller, it is a mutually beneficial deal.

The pros of selling on Amazon

When products are sold at a global marketplace such as Amazon the sellers are assured of great online presence. Since about 184 million visitors are there at Amazon in a month it won’t be difficult for the sellers to increase their sales volume vertically. The feedback from numerous sellers reveal that as a result of becoming sellers on Amazon marketplace their sales volume increased by 50%.

In fact no customer visits Amazon in search of a particular online store or a particular retailer. But by way of searching for the products on Amazon the customers come across with the particular seller as well as his products. If the particular online businessman was not a seller at Amazon, either the customer would not have been able to discover the product which he requires or would have purchased from another seller.

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