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A basic skin care routine is necessary to minimize these negative effects, and should be part of our daily hygiene. At first it may seem annoying or tiring, but over time you will see results and everything will become a common routine. The important thing is to try to insert some of these procedures into your day to day life.

Face Skin Care

  1. Skin Cleansing

Cleansing the skin is critical to eliminate dead skin cells, sweating, natural skin secretions, pollution residues and makeup. A clean skin prevents blackheads and pimples from proliferating, since it diminishes the bacterial flora and impurities of the skin. It is indispensable for the maintenance of all types of skin to remove impurities from the pores. Clean skin will be able to receive facial treatments more efficiently. First use a makeup remover to remove the makeup, then wash your face with specific soap to finish cleaning.

  1. Facial Tonic

The facial tonic is used to complement the cleansing of the skin. It has the role of protecting it from the action of free radicals, helping to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and smoothing the texture of the skin. This lotion also has the function of maintaining the natural moisture of the skin, in addition to providing more elasticity and benefit the muscle tone of the skin. The tonic should be used after washing the face. He will eliminate that dirt that cleaning with the soap did not take away.

  1. Skin Exfoliation

The exfoliant is ideal for deeper skin cleansing, eliminating impurities and removing dead cells effectively. The exfoliation also stimulates the natural renewal of skin cells and helps in the treatment of pimples. In addition, the exfoliation prepares the skin to receive complementary treatments – improving, for example, the absorption of moisturizing lotions. At least every 15 days, have a good exfoliation on the skin.

  1. Facial Mask

There are several types of masks, moisturizers , oils that clean and exfoliate (help close the pores), clay masks that detoxify the skin, and even homemade and natural masks . The ideal is to wear a face mask once a week and interleave the types to keep the skin clean and healthy.

  1. Facial Moisturizing

After this cleansing ritual, your skin is prepared to receive good hydration. Proper use of the moisturizer replenishes skin moisture, eliminating stress and smoothing wrinkles. During the application, it is recommended that some specific movements be made to further improve the result.

The moisturizing facial is suitable for all skin types, but are dry skins who benefit most. In addition to the immediate result, it is a great method of preventing aging, as it creates a protective film for the skin.

  1. Whitening Moisturizer

The spots on the skin are a torment for women seeking a healthy and homogeneous skin. The causes of these blemishes can be as varied as, for example, the change in melanin production, infections, hormonal disorders, sun exposure and acne marks. The ideal is to use a moisturizer with whitening action to prevent new spots from appearing.

  1. Acid Treatments

The appearance of spots indicates that there was a greater production of pigment at that point of the skin. Therefore, the treatment is done in a localized way, only on the stained area. The most commonly used acids in these cases are retinoic, kojic and phytic. In addition to inhibiting the production of melanin pigment, they are all powerful cell renewal agents. The acids are the most effective for treating stains.

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