Hire a company or use website builders?

The question is: should you hire someone specialized to make your website or simply use an online website builder?

Website builders are basically a hand in the wheel for people who are not web designers. What was once, out of reach of people, can now be within reach in a few clicks. But there are many things that a company or professional in the field can do that website builders can not.

The ease of website builders

There are many web builders with hundreds of templates for you to use and everything is relatively simple. No programming, no file transfers via FTP, no domain registration and name servers and all those technical stuff. Once satisfied, users can simply publish their sites and voila, they will be up and running.

Hire a company or use website builders

1. Drag and Drop

Builders offer a variety of templates (examples) to start building a website. You do not have to think about the design. Creating your site in a builder boils down to choosing a look-a-like template you want and starting dragging elements onto a screen, setting up a few parameters, and writing some text.

2. Intuitive user systems Website

builders are designed to be easily understood by people of all ages. Usually they offer a step-by-step to website creation, where you will be guided through the entire process of design selection and insertion of information giving the impression that everything is really easy.

3. Features and support of the house

No need to transfer files to the server, since all work is done online, and the builder itself is responsible for creating the necessary files. Website builders understand that many of their users are not technical people, so everyone has staff available to answer users’ questions and help them with their problems.

And why should you hire a company or professional?

Making a website using an online website builder seems easy at first glance, leaving the illusion that you do not need to think about the design and appearance of your site. You can simply choose one of the templates. But regardless of what enthusiasts might say, building a website is much more than creating a nice look. There are several other aspects involved in the process, including usability, page loading speed, search engine friendly structure, and more.

1. Content

This is the biggest argument to prove that the builders offer an illusion. The most important part of the time one takes in creating a website is in the design of the content, be it the description of your product or company, promotion ideas, job descriptions or anything else. When using a builder, you still have to invest some time and energy into those tasks. There are no shortcuts. If you’re excited about the promises that website builders have made to you, think about it. The only person who can generate good content for your site is you. The builder will never write this to you. Focus on the most important and let a professional accomplish the rest.

2. Website builders (potentially) cost more

You may have heard that “There is no free lunch”. Some builders start with free trial periods, and when you realize they are already paying monthly to use the service. Some more expensive plans can cost about R $ 50,00 per month, that is, R $ 600,00 per year. You could hire a better site, for a similar amount, that would pay for itself in 2 years.

3. Some Technical Problems

Some of these builders use flash to build content, rather than HTML and CSS. The result is a poor ranking in search engines, the inability to use any statistics tool to verify site visitation, mobile viewing difficulties, among other things that are taken into account when hiring a professional or company that is really committed to the end result of the work.


If your needs are simple, and will remain so for many years, spending a few hours building your own website through a website builder might be a good idea for you.

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