Many brands promote hobbies on their pages to capture new followers and increase interaction with current fans. In general, hobby ideas involve the provision of prizes, such as tickets for shows, travel, merchandising items or electronic equipment (such as mobile phones). The value of the prize must depend on the difficulty of the competition: the more complex the participation, the greater the incentive.

Performing hobby ideas on Facebook (as on other platforms) should follow a set of core principles. In the specific case of Facebook we make the following  recommendations :

  • Avoid mechanics involving votes made based on likes (for example, the picture with the most likes wins). People tend to cheat, for example using bots to have more likes. That makes honest people give up. An alternative may be to use a platform of hobbies such as Social zed to hold a more regular vote
  • Ensure that there is a regulation of the hobby and that it provides everything that is essential (company identification, hobby operation, rules for awarding prizes, definition of prizes, dates of participation and announcements of winners, etc.)
  • Be prepared for any questions that fans may ask so that we can give a timely response . It should be borne in mind that as hobbies are limited in time, a late response may prevent a consumer from participating on time
  • Always think of hobby mechanics that are simple and easy to communicate , since nobody wants to lose time to notice them
  • Ensure that the effort required of the fan matches the prize he can win
  • Plan the hobby long enough for consumers to participate. Match the effort of entry into the hobby with the duration of it.


1 – Hobbies on Facebook: Simple question

The brand may post a simple question and expect the responses from fans in the comments or by private message. This mechanic allows you to offer tickets for concerts or other types of low-cost prizes, in a quick and inexpensive way for both the brand and the participants. To launch the hobby, the brand only has to make a publication on your page. The choice of the winners may be the quickest response. The tag can define a time interval during which it accepts responses.

2 – Hobbies on Facebook: Quiz

The brand may involve fans in a quiz consisting of a set of questions to which they have to answer, cumulatively or otherwise. The quiz may last for a week, for example, and there may be a prize for each phase / question. The quiz can also be promoted on the brand’s Facebook page. The answers can be given in the comments or by private message, and the best award criterion is also the speed.

3 – Hobbies on Facebook: Creative challenge

A creative challenge is a hobby in which the brand leads the fan to produce content for it, such as a photo or a video. The fan will have to try and surprise the brand in case you want to win the prize or prizes, since in this type of challenges the award criterion is the creativity of the participation . On the other hand, there is the potential to generate viral content which will certainly benefit the brand in terms of visibility .



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