Know more about SOA (Selling On Amazon)

Amazon is the largest as well as one of the most successful online market places and “Sell On Amazon” is the service offered by Amazon to online marketers. Under the SOA program the sellers can list their products on the retail marketing website of Amazon and sell them online. The marketing process on Amazon is highly systematic but, quite easy. The seller lists his product on the marketplace of Amazon and the customers who search internet for the same product will find the product at Amazon and will purchase the same. On receiving orders from the customers, Amazon will communicate the seller and ask the seller to execute the order. Once the product is shipped by the seller the shipping confirmation will be sent to Amazon. Amazon will transfer the amount to the bank account of the seller after deducting their service charges. Instead of the seller arranging to execute the orders he can opt for the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) service offered by Amazon.

Know more about SOA (Selling On Amazon)

Registration of sellers and the selling process

The sellers who want to market their products on Amazon have to get them registered as a seller on Amazon.. The seller has to provide his company details, email address, contact phone number, all basic information about his business and sales tax details at the time of registration. The registration is done online only. The seller need not have his own website to start selling his products on Amazon. Once the seller is registered with Amazon, he can access the Seller Central Platform of Amazon where the seller can list his products which he wants to sell. Registering with Amazon and listing the products on Amazon are done free of charges.

Amazon charges the seller when he receives the order from the customer. The seller’s name will appear on the products page as well as the listing page of Amazon and the invoice also carries the seller’s name. The seller has the liberty to cancel his Amazon account whenever he wants.

On receiving the orders, Amazon will ask the seller to execute the same. After shipping the goods the seller should sent the confirmation of shipping to Amazon. After seven days of receiving the shipping confirmation Amazon will make payment to the seller. The amount will be credited to the bank account of the seller.

Listing of products at Amazon

The sellers who want to list one product at a time can use the Amazon website interface and those who want to list products in bulk can make use of the excel inventory files. The listing procedure and also the information required will vary depending upon whether the products are already included in the catalogue of Amazon or not. For listing of products the seller will be provided guidance from Amazon. Manufactures and the sellers who do not have ISBN/bar codes may contact the seller support and request for exception.

Execution of orders

Once the seller is registered with Amazon, he gets access to the Seller Central section of The seller can view his orders and also manage his orders using “Manage Order” which is inside the Seller Central. The orders can be executed in three different ways:

  • The seller can deliver the products on his own. He will pack the goods, ship the same to the customer and send confirmation to the customer through the Seller Central account.
  • Seller can avail the “Easy Ship” service offered by Amazon. He has to pack the goods and keep it ready for shipping. Then through his Seller Central account the seller can schedule the pick-up of the goods by the Amazon team.
  • The seller can avail the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) service offered by Amazon for managing the orders as well as shipping the goods.

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