Meet the 8 [Amazing] facts about coffee

Many people just can’t start the day without a cup of coffee, and there are even those who refer to coffee as “the fuel of modern man.” In fact, in any office in the world, early in the morning, most of the employees are in the coffee shop. However, coffee is more than a tasty drink, as you will see below.

Meet the 8 Amazing facts about coffee

Coffee isn’t as getting dried out as it is believed

Caffeine was believed to be a diuretic substance. But you need to consume lots of coffee so that it actually has that effect. In fact, several surveys have indicated that the urine level of people who consume caffeinated beverages does not show significant variations compared to consumers of decaffeinated beverages.

Coffee contains important nutrients

One cup of coffee contains 11% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B12, 11% of vitamin B5, 3% of magnesium and potassium, and other nutrients. Whenever you drink natural liquid coffee, no additives and no excess sugar, you can enjoy these benefits.

Coffee Can Help Burn Calories

Research has shown that coffee speeds up metabolism by up to 11%, making it one of the few natural substances with the ability to burn fats.

Why iced coffee is more Costly

For starters, the resources required to make iced coffee are much more expensive. From the cost of the raw material, added to the equipment needed for the production of the drink, which is much more complex, it establishes the final price – which is higher.

The origin of the most Costly coffee in the world

To our surprise, the second most costly coffee in the world is made of coffee beans. That have been evacuated by elephants (yes, that’s right, elephant poop!). This coffee( Black Ivory) price is $ 150.00 a cup. First comes the Kopi Luwak coffee, whose grains are digested and defecated by the mongooses – small mammals from Africa and Asia (yes, mongoose poo). One cup of this coffee costs $ 600.00. There is taste for everything in this world!

Coffee can be addictive

The more coffee you take over the years, the greater the chance of changing the chemistry of your brain. With increased caffeine intake, more adenosine receptors are produced and you will automatically need to drink more coffee to be able to connect them. This process, in turn, can cause addiction and withdrawal symptoms – fatigue, irritability, headaches – if you try to reduce consumption.

The effects of caffeine appear 10 minutes after the first sip

A study by the University of Barcelona in Spain showed that after 10 minutes, caffeine reaches half of its maximum concentration in the blood, enough to start causing some effect. In 45 minutes, when you reach the maximum level, you can already make him more alert. Depending on the speed with which the body absorbs the drug, it is possible to maintain this effect for 3 to 5 hours

In addition to caffeine, various coffee compounds are good for health

The other compounds include antioxidants , which protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. These molecules cause aging and are associated with diseases such as cancer and heart problems, disorders that coffee also helps prevent.


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