SEO, Customer Reviews and Pricing at Amazon

The sellers who have listed their products on Amazon are assured of the benefits from Amazon SEO. The optimization on the Amazon website is unique and one can understand the SEO mechanism of Amazon only through the viewpoint of Amazon. Millions of customers search on Amazon every day to meet their requirements. Hence Amazon has to show the products they are searching either in the first or in the second page of the results since the majority of customers are unlikely to go beyond the second page. The products that appear on the first or second page of the search results have maximum chances to be bought by the customers. The sellers on Amazon should find out the keywords that the customers may use when they search for the product. While posting the products on Amazon the Amazon seller must ensure to include those search terms as the keywords. The seller should also know the products that appear on the search result when those search terms are typed.  The seller may also check the prices of those products, then compare the number of reviews for those products to the number of reviews for his product and may also find out the ways to increase the frequency of sale of his product over a limited period of time.By way of finding out suitable ways to promote the product the seller can achieve better ranking for his product.

SEO, Customer Reviews and Pricing at Amazon

Never out of stock

It is all the more important for the seller to ensure that his products are readily available always. In case the product goes out of stock, the ranking will be seriously affected and the customers will try the product of the competitor and may stick on to that in future. It will be too difficult for the seller to get back the diverted traffic. Even the products that appear on the first page of the search results suffer severe setback as a result of going out of stock and they have to struggle for months together to regain the lost position.

Maintain parity in pricing

Amazon insists for pricing parity and they include it as a clause in the agreement with the seller. According to the pricing rule of Amazon the seller should not quote a lower price for the same product on any other online marketplace. Hence the seller must ensure that his prices quoted on Amazon are not higher than his prices on the other online shopping platforms. Those who violate this rule may get their accounts suspended. On the Amazon marketplace the seller may have to compete with numerous third parties in order to secure the Buy Box. Recently, Amazon has introduced the Automatic Pricing tool on Seller Central. This tool enables the seller to take pricing decisions by automation.

Ensure to get more reviews

The majority of customers conduct their searches first on Amazon and customers give serious attention to the Amazon reviews. Many customers prefer to buy the product which had maximum number of positive reviews. Even if the price is a little higher, the reviews create more demand for that product. Those who buy from other channels also make it a point to go through the reviews on Amazon before taking the decision.

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