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Skin Care at Every Age

Over the years, the cells fail to renew themselves with the same effectiveness, the skin begins to become flaccid, loses mistletoe and shine. Although it is a natural process, aging can be delayed with some simple and daily care, such as the use of sunscreen and anti-aging creams, which offer specific treatments for each phase of life.

For 25-year-old women, they are weaker and are just trying to keep their skin fresh and alive, while for 60-year-olds they are stewards and restorers. It is worth mentioning that you must respect the product indicated for your age group or you may end up having more damage than benefits. Cosmetics for someone 60 years old, for example, are very greasy for someone 30 and can cause acne.

How to care for the skin at 20, 30, 40 and 60 years

Skin Care at Every Age
Skin Care at Every Age

25 years:

At age 25, the skin is still firm and lush, but begins to register very fine expression marks and also sun spots. At this stage, cleansing is critical to keeping the face free of impurities and common problems such as acne. Wash your face in the morning to remove the natural oiliness of the skin and at night to remove the accumulated waste throughout the day. Use creams that preserve natural hydration and with SPF to protect from the sun.

35 years

At age 35, wrinkles give their first signs, especially in women with lighter skin. With the decline of cellular functions, the skin does not renew itself as before and begins to become flaccid. This is the stage when most women begin to choose to use anti-aging creams that stimulate the cell renewal process and with good amount of collagen.

45 years

From the age of 45, the signs of aging become more apparent. The drop in hormone production can make the skin more fragile, dry and flaccid and stains increase in quantity and size. Creams that promote extra hydration to the skin and return the natural firmness thanks to the presence of collagen are the most indicated.

60 years

At this stage of life, wrinkles and fine lines are already well marked, blemishes are apparent and the skin loses the definition of the easy contour. The neck also shows dryness and sagging . Products that restore the contour of the cells, with active whitening and firming are ideal.

At any age

Use sunscreen every day. Ultraviolet radiation accelerates the aging of the skin.

Wash your face well at the end of the day and never sleep in makeup.

Massage the face. Applying the cream the right way makes all the difference.

Pay attention to the neck and neck. They show signs of aging as the face.

Consult a dermatologist as only a professional can indicate the appropriate treatment for your skin type.

Drink 2 liters of water a day to keep the skin well moisturized and invigorated.

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