Things one should know before selling on Amazon

Amazon provides a huge marketing platform for online businesses and the sellers who sell their products on Amazon can develop a very wide customer base and improve their business. Those who plan to make use of the Amazon marketplace to sell their products should have clear idea about Amazon platform as well as the selling process at Amazon. Without proper understanding of selling on Amazon the seller will not be in a position to say how business will run on Amazon.

Things one should know before selling on Amazon

Who will perform well on Amazon?

The Amazon platform is suitable for three types of online marketers.

  1. Businessmen who design and manufacture their products
  2. Businessmen who market niche items
  3. Businessmen who sell used or refurbished products

When the sellers who sell their products on Amazon create their own ecommerce website also additionally can certainly have more credibility in the market. The customers will easily remember and quickly identify the brand which is having a branded website of its own. Many leading businessmen on Amazon are very particular of maintaining the control over their own ecommerce website. When they have branded website they can run the online store independently and attract the customers outside Amazon.

Know about FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

By way of providing the FBA service to the sellers, Amazon takes care of shipping of the goods and providing customer service. The seller has to provide the stocks of his products at one of the FBA centers. When customers place orders for the products Amazon will arrange to ship the ordered goods. This will enable the seller to concentrate more on other business-related tasks.

Who will win the Buy Box?

On the marketplace of Amazon, there are numerous sellers who offer the same product. All of them will not get the Buy Box. Amazon selects the winners of the Buy Box on the basis of a secret algorithm. No seller can take it for granted that he will win the Buy Box by securing very high ranking. In fact Amazon wants to ensure that the seller is Adhering to the best practices of ecommerce business. Hence there are a number of factors that can influence the position of the seller at Amazon. Irrespective of whether he wins the Buy Box or not, it is advisable that the Amazon seller may take care of the following aspects.

  1. Customers expect competitive prices from Amazon. Hence the sellers should ensure that their product cost as well as shipping cost is quite competitive.
  2. Since Amazon is a huge platform, there are a lot of sellers and hence it is too difficult for a seller to reach at the top.
  3. The sellers who have been selling on Amazon for a pretty long period and have the reputation as a reliable and able Amazon seller will find it easier to reach the top level.
  4. As far as online business is concerned, the reviews from customers will have great influence on the growth of the business. The seller at Amazon who is able to secure maximum number of positive reviews can easily make his way to the top position.


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