Top 10 Richest Athletes in the World – Know Everything!

I was doing some research to know about richest Athletes in the world, thought to share some of them with you too. Although I’ll try to cover the top 10 of the richest ones today so let’s continue!

Ever wondered how much income and net worth do the athletes have? Even I think of that often! Well, everyone cares so much about the celebrities that many of the people don’t have any interest in knowing about the athletes. Let’s move on!

Richest Athletes with Highest Net worth List

top 10 Richest Athletes


  1. Arnold Palmer

Well, before his death he was the highest paid athlete having net worth of $1.4 billion. I’ve heard that he was the best golfer, reaching to a milestone like that by just playing golf is unbelievable; we lost this legend in 2016.

  1. Michael Jordan

I’m sure that you’ve heard about him, Michael played 15 seasons for the NBA and he played for two teams in these 15 seasons. With net worth of $1.31 billion he stands at the 2nd of the list.

  1. Ion Tiriac

He is a former professional tennis and ice hockey player, he belongs from Romania. You read it right, he played 2 sports. Having estimated net worth of $1.28 billion Ion Tiriac is at the 3rd position in the list.

  1. Vince McMahon

Look who we have on the 4th position, I bet you know about him! Vince is the former professional wrestler and now you know him as the CEO of WWE. He took control of the company from his father in 1980. His net worth is $1.22 billion respectively.

  1. Michael Schumacher

He has a big title under his belt “greatest formula one drivers of all time”. Because he followed his passion of racing, he stands at the 5th of this list with an estimated net worth of $780 million.

  1. Tiger Woods

We have another golfer in the list, He is one of the highest paid athletes in the world, that ensures his 6th position in this list with an estimated net worth of $740 million.

  1. Magic Johnson

Another NBA basketball player here, He played for the LA Lakers for 13 seasons, he has won many awards as a player and no doubt he deserves this spot with net worth of $600 million.

  1. Roger Staubach

He is a former American football quarterback in the NFL, he played 11 seasons for Dallas Cowboys, and he joined the team in 1969. With an estimated worth of $600 million, Roger stands at number 8.

  1. Floyd Mayweather

Well, who don’t know about him? Because of his record of 50-0 undefeated he was fear of his opponents, maybe the only reason he retired was because nobody had enough courage to face him in the ring, LOL! Floyd also owns a company named “Mayweather Promotions”.  Floyd stands at the 9th spot with net worth of $560 million.

  1. Eddie Jordan

The last one we have here is another race car driver; he’s also a well-known TV personality as well as successful businessman. He won the Irish kart championship in 1971. With an estimated net worth of $475 million he stands at the 10th position.

I covered top 10 richest athletes in the world, find your passion and work for it, one day you’ll also be listed somewhere!


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