Ways to increase your Amazon Sales

Amazon provides the largest and one of the best online marketplaces to the online businessmen who want to sell their products. Though the Amazon marketplace is highly competitive, the sellers who sell their products on Amazon are able to widen their customers very quickly so that their business will also grow steadily. There are three excellent ways for the Amazon sellers to increase their sales.

Ways to increase your Amazon Sales

By way of running sponsored product ads

The Amazon sponsored product ads are of the PPC model. Using these ads the seller can promote his products along with the search results. The ads can be placed either above the search result or below or alongside. The ads can be placed on the product detail pages also.

Headline Search Ads

The Headline Search Ads can be displayed at the top of the search results thereby providing more visibility to the products when the customers make their searches. The same keywords that were found very effective for the Sponsored Product Campaign can be used here also to begin with.


Promotions are very effective to increase the sales frequency and also to get more reviews. The Lightning Deal is also a type of promotion. Lightning Deals are displayed on the Amazon Deal Page. The customers visit the Deal Page frequently. Apart from making the product more visible the Lightning Deals which are in the form of Flash Sale facilitate increased selling within the limited time and also after the completion of the deal. As a result of selling more number of items during the flash sale the seller gets higher ranking and more search relevancy. Also, this will continue for a few weeks after the completion of the deal. On holidays and during big events Lightning Deals enable the seller to sell hundreds of items within a few hours. The Lightning Deals help the new customers to know about the product so that they may buy the same later. The main purpose of these promotion methods is that they help to get more reviews and also by enhancing the relevancy many new customers come to know about the brand.

External Traffic

Apart from making the external channels to direct their traffic towards the branded website of the seller, the seller can make them to direct the traffic to the Amazon listing also. Bloggers will be always ready to direct their traffic to Amazon since it may fetch them affiliate commission when the customers purchase the product from the custom link. Also, by creating discount codes the seller can encourage more customers to buy from Amazon and also to provide reviews.

Check the page regularly

The Amazon seller must make it a point to check his page regularly so that he will not miss the Buy Box offer, gets the opportunity to correct pricing mistakes if any and can avoid products going out of stock.

Adhere to Amazon Terms of Service

Amazon provides strict instructions to the sellers to prevent scam and to ensure protection to the customers. The sellers are expected not to violate the guidelines under any circumstance and the violation will lead to suspension of account and loss of credibility of the seller.

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