Why online marketers choose the Amazon platform?

Millions of online marketers make use of the Amazon platform for selling their products. The sellers who are new may initially find that selling on Amazon is a complicated task. However, those who are able to sell their products on Amazon agree that their decision to sell on Amazon was indeed a wise decision. Once the seller gets thorough knowledge of the Amazon platform as well as the procedure for selling on Amazon, it will be easy for him to sell on Amazon and can reap the benefits of selling through Amazon.

Separate website not required

Amazon provides a vast marketplace where the seller’s products are listed in front of millions of potential buyers. The online marketer requires accessing the audience and convincing them that the product offered by him is the best choice for them in all aspects. Those who want to open their own online store have to build up the ecommerce website and maintain the same. By way of registering with Amazon and listing the products on Amazon the seller can sell his products online without creating own website. Amazon enables the seller to sustain and carry out profitable business in a highly competitive market. Even those who are making successful business through their own website are also selling their products at the marketplaces like Amazon also to attract more customers who are very particular of shopping at the Amazon marketplace. The brands that are popular in the market and are fast moving are making their presence on the Amazon marketplace also to bring more customers into their fold and to ensure sustained growth of the business.

The Amazon effect

The majority of the online shoppers today make it a point to start their product search with Amazon. Hence whether or not the seller decides to sell his product on Amazon, the buyers will be searching for the same product on Amazon. More than 90% of the buyers search on Amazon to meet their requirements instead of searching directly on the website of the retailer. Many branded sites get more business as a result of listing of the same product on Amazon. Many buyers have made it a practice to go through the Amazon reviews prior to purchasing a particular brand.

Amazon will effectively filter the potential buyers of a particular product and once they come to know about the particular product they come forward to try the same and if satisfied they will buy the product directly from the branded site. This provides a very easy way for the popular brands to attract more customers who may also like to purchase some other products also from the branded sites.For those sellers who have not created a website of their own, in case they decide not to list their products on Amazon they have to depend on a third-party seller who may not be having affiliation to the brand.

Tracking of key sales data

The Seller Central dashboard on Amazon provides the seller important information regarding sales effected, traffic and the conversation rates. The seller can know about the trends in the market and can also identify new opportunities. The various business-related reports provided by Amazon will enable the seller to analyze his approaches and to find out new techniques to improve the business.

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