Why Use a Website Builder to Build Your Website?

What is a Site Builder?

Website Builders (also known as – builders of online sites, website builders or “English” Website Builders) – are tools that help you create a website without the need to have prior knowledge in programming language or HTML code. Initially website builders allow the creation of websites online , then follow the provision of a domain name, web hosting and technical support.

The advantages of website builders are in their wide functionality. No need to know or edit HTML or CSS. There is no need to be a webmaster or to pay someone to develop your website. But the biggest advantage of using an online website builder is in getting everything in one solution. There is no need to choose a hosting provider, domain name or web developers to create a website. With an online site builder everything goes in a single package including your technical support. The best website builders on the market are, first and foremost, powerful online publishers. The potential of the best builders of online sites is really impressive. With an online website builder you can literally customize everything: website structure, items and location of the frames. you can change your future website until it does not look like any other site created in the same site builder. That’s the reason why interest in online builders has grown so dramatically lately and is still growing.

Why Use a Website Builder to Build Your Website?

So why pay a web designer to make my website?

Well, the answer is simple: Imagine you surfing the Internet and finding a website with the same design as yours, with the same colors, headers and menus. This is certainly not pleasant or beneficial to your company.

The web design is responsible for developing your website in order to maintain the visual identity of your company and develop efficiently and that is more appropriate to your needs and visitors to your site. In addition a good web design makes the correct coding of the site so that it appears better positioned in search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.), has a faster loading, a more targeted navigation system effective beyond 100% custom.


There will always be limitations to what you can achieve through a website builder, but for many people who are unfamiliar with coding languages ​​such as HTML, CSS or PHP, it offers them the perfect tool.

It is also good for those who do not have the time or money to invest in hiring a professional web developer since Site Builder packages can be purchased for as little as $ 4 with mid-range packages costing around $ 8 – $ 16 per month.

If you have the time to devote to creating, updating and some design knowledge, you can quietly opt for an automated builder. But if you preferred to invest your time in your projects and want something really personalized and professional, look for a web designer .

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